What Clients are Saying…

Abbey in Seminole


“It gives me peace of mind knowing that I can count on you to be there day in and day out. You call and follow-up when you are concerned about Abbey.”

— Amber M., Seminole

Midnight • Neptune • Princess

Midnight, Neptune, Princess in Seminole

“I liked the daily checks on the cats with the possibility of ‘kid time’ (your daughters) since our cats are used to having kids around.”

— Michelle T., Seminole
Rocco and Allie in St Petersburg

Rocco • Allie

“We appreciate the notes you leave about your visits. ‘We love you!’ ”

— Brent P., St. Petersburg

Midget • Mocha • Latte • and Friends

Midget, Mocha, Latte, and Friends in Seminole

“The visit was early, which helps to keep my animals on their regular schedule. I also appreciate the extra time given.”

— Cindy R., Seminole
Ben and Sam in Pinellas Park

Ben • Sam

“I appreciate the prompt, loving service and the attention to my boys special needs. The boys love you!”

— Kate L., Pinellas Park

Tiger • Miss Daisy

Tiger and Miss Daisy in Seminole

“I liked knowing that Jenni would be here to care for our cats twice daily. Our cats were very well cared for. Thank you for the love and care you and your daughters gave Tiger and Miss Daisy.”

— Lila W., Seminole
Cockatiels and Parakeets in Clearwater

Cockatiels • Parakeets

“Thank you for having a flexible schedule and reasonable rates.”

— Lou T., Clearwater

Dooney • Purrcey • Taz • Roxie • Remmy

Dooney, Purrcey, Taz, Roxie, and Remmy in Largo

“Great feedback! Pictures, card, toy left for cats - just the extra touches were wonderful!! The dishes washed! The house smelled great when we walked in — I could not have been happier!! The final thing that really impressed both my husband and myself was your wanting a phone call no matter what time we arrived home! You treated our pets as your own — I was very touched!”

— Cheryl & Rick B., Largo
Ali, Punkin, Friendly, Hopkins, LB, and Fishey in Seminole

Ali • Punkin • Friendly • Hopkins • LB • Fishey

“I love not having to board my animals (stressed them out by leaving their home) and at a very fair price.”

— Tara C., Seminole

Scoo • Braveheart

Scoo and Braveheart in Largo

“Thank you for the daily activities. It showed me you really took some time to visit along with providing food, water & litter box cleaning. You seem to ‘get’ their personalities. I also appreciate that you let ‘Braveheart’ the scardy cat be. He really needs love on his own terms. They both seemed very content when I got home. Also, thank you for the cat toy!”

— Cathy B., Largo
Shadow in St Petersburg


“You didn't just check on the cat, but also spent time with her and made sure she was comfortable.”

— Chris C., St. Petersburg

Precious • Weasle

Precious and Weasle in Pinellas Park

“Thank you for your last minute availability. I had peace of mind knowing a professional was interacting with my dogs and I could enjoy my convention without worry. The report even relieved residual worry of how they felt while I was gone (because I know they usually get upset.) The photos and card were an unexpected welcome home.”

— Janet L., Pinellas Park
Voltage in Seminole


What did you appreciate about our service? “Everything”

— Joe C., Seminole

Jazz • Angus

Jazz and Angus in Seminole

“Thank you for the care expressed for the animals by playing with them outside as well as walking. Your ‘required’ call to say I'm home gave me confidence you were competent and conscientious. Loved the card and photos on the fridge.”

— Paula S., Seminole
Gracie and Zippo in St Petersburg

Gracie • Zippo

“I appreciate your professionalism and thoroughness. Thanks so much! Love the card.”

— Elizabeth Y., St. Petersburg

Bianco • Sylvester • Murdoch

Bianco, Sylvester, and Murdoch in Largo

“I love the comments on the visit record. I like to know how things went. I also appreciate your accessibility when I called. I'm very happy and won't hesitate to call you in the future. The little personal touches were so appreciated. I feel my ‘babies’ were in great hands while I was away. Thank you!”

— Debbie K., Largo
Nikki, Lynx, Sonny, and Fish in Pinellas Park

Nikki • Lynx • Sonny • Fish

“Thank you.”

— Donna P., Pinellas Park

Lucy • Ethel • Madeleine • Earnest

Lucy, Ethel, Madeleine, and Earnest in Seminole

“We appreciate your kindness, your personalized attention to each pet and our detailed accounts of your visits. We couldn't be more pleased with Critter Pal!! Thank you!”

— Angela S. & Scott M., Seminole
Oliver, Sabrina, Taz, and CJ in Seminole

Oliver • Sabrina • Taz • CJ

“Thank you for the time you spent getting to know our cats. We are extremely pleased with our first venture into having a sitter come in to care for our cats.”

— Martha W., Seminole


Hector in Seminole

“Thank you for taking excellent care of Hector and your advise about his care and feeding. He is growing and getting friendlier! It is obvious you love animals.”

— James & Summer J., Seminole
Gordie in Pinellas Park


“I appreciated the daily report of Gordie's activities. It was good not to have to board him, especially as this was the first time we left him. I particularly appreciated your taking him for a walk and playing with him, and spending a little time with him. We knew he was in good hands and it eased our minds to have not only a professional, but a caring person watching out for him”

— Kathi H., Pinellas Park

Woody • Bella

Woody and Bella in Seminole

“I appreciated that ou took the time to leave notes on how the cats were and a card from them. It showed me that you cared.”

— Adrienne V., Seminole
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