Pet Greet and Consultations

We provide a NO CHARGE initial pet greet and consultation. If keys are not provided to us at time of consultation, there will be an additional $15 charge to pick them up.

Pet Sitting Services*

Standard Pet Sitting Services: $19 for a 25-30 minute visit

These visits are available for all pets, up to four visits per day. We charge one flat rate for each home visit. There are no extra charges for additional pets unless extra time is needed to properly care for all animals. $8 per 15 minutes will be charged if additional time is required.

Quick Checks: $14 for a 10-15 minute visit

For those dogs that need a mid-day potty break between the morning and evening visits, the optional Quick Check is available. This abbreviated service is also available for fish or bird feedings that don't require cage cleaning.


Boarding in my home is available for small caged animals and small to medium sized reptiles on a limited basis.

Rates begin at just $7 per day.

Pet Chauffeur

Transporting your pet to and from appointments at the vets, groomers, training, etc.

$17 one way - 1 pet; up to 5 miles away from your home.

$22 round trip - 1 pet; up to 5 miles away from your home.

$1 per additional mile.

$5 each additional pet to same destination.

$8 per 15 minutes will be charged for wait time.

Pet Personal Shopper

Unable to get out to pick up your pets food, medication, or litter? We'll do your shopping for you and deliver it to your door.

$22 per trip plus the cost of supplies.

Pet Waste Removal

Weekly or twice weekly visits to clean the dog waste out of your yard.

Initial Clean Up: $22 for one dog, add $4.00 per additional dog.

Weekly: $17 per visit for one dog, add $4.00 per additional dog.

Twice-Weekly: $14 per visit for one dog, add $4.00 per additional dog.

Service Areas

My service area has recently changed. Please check the list below to see if I service your zip code:

*All rates listed are based on service provided within the following zip codes: 33708 (mainland), 33709, 33771, 33772, 33773, 33776 (E. of Oakhurst), 33777, 33778 (S. of Walsingham), 33781, 33782 (W. of 49th St.)

For the following zip codes, add an additional $2 per visit (mid-day dog walks not available): 33708 (beaches), 33710, 33714 (W. of US19), 33760 (S. of Ulmerton), 33762 (S. of Ulmerton), 33774, 33776 (W. of Oakhurst), 33778 (N. of Walsingham), 33782 (E. of 49th St.), 33785 (S. of Walsingham)

~ Dogs require a minimum of two visits per day.

~ Cats require a minimum of one visit per day.

~ Every-other-day or twice weekly visits available for certain caged animals that don't require daily care and feedings, such as snakes, some lizards and fish.

~ Additional services (ie - outdoor plant water, pool chemicals, yard cleanup, etc.) are available upon request. Please call us to discuss rates.

~ PAYMENTS: we require a 50% deposit at the time of reservation, with the balance due on or before the first day of service.

~ CANCELATIONS: Critter Pal requires a full 24-hour advance notice prior to the date of the first visit. A refund credit will be issued for any deposit money collected. Failure to provide notice in less than 24-hours will result in a $10 cancellation fee payable by the pet owner. If your trip itinerary has changed and you will be coming home early, payment in full for the visits scheduled within 24 hours of your return will be due as well as a $10 cancellation fee. For daily mid-day service, 24-hour notice is required prior to the next scheduled visit, otherwise payment is due for the time originally agreed upon. Refund credits expire 6 months from the date issued. No cash refunds will be made.

~ HOLIDAYS: Add an additional $5 per visit for holidays (New Year's, Easter, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas). Deposits for Holiday bookings are non-refundable (if no deposit was made, 50% of the total invoice for scheduled services will be due in the event of a cancellation.)

~ SHORT NOTICE RESERVATIONS: There is a $10.00 surcharge for any reservation made with less than 24 hours notice as it requires the sitter to adjust his/her schedule. New clients requesting service with less than 72 hours notice will be charged $25.00 as we will need to set up and attend a consultation on short notice.

We accept American Express, Discover, MasterCard, VISA, Personal Checks, and Cash.

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