My Pets

I have experience working with many different types of animals. Here is a listing of some the animals that I have cared for:

Current Pets and Rescues

GatorBait, a Chinese Crested dog Dopey and Sleepy, Sulcata tortoises Rico, an iguana
Malee, a Bengal cat Happy, a Ball Python Hank and Sleepy, Sulcata tortoises
Raptor, a bearded dragon Cuba, a Cuban tree frog A Hermit crab

Pets and Rescues I've had in the Past

AskHim, a Basset Hound Tina, a Sulcata tortoise Fluffy, a Sulcata tortoise Myrrha, a Whites tree frog Ixion, a day gecko Zues, an iguana Gedorah, a Chinese Water Dragon
Kora and Hades, cats Falcor, a sugar glider Jolie, a Guinea Pig Waley, a hamster Lycia, a Brazilian Rainbow Boa Ladon, a California King Snake
Tree frogs Lala, a Guinea Pig Kora, a cat Aurora, a poison arrow frog Numina, a Pacman frog Harmony, a frog
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